With Once More, Tidewater Arts Outreach — along with some of the area’s favorite songwriters — is proving the power of what we do by singing the stories of who we do it for.

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May 23, 2020

Doors open at 5:30pm

Zeider's Theater

4509 Commerce St., Virginia Beach, VA 23462

about once more

On May 23rd, 2020 at Zeiders American Dream Theater, Tidewater Arts Outreach — with the help of some of the area’s most gifted songwriters in Billy Mercury, Fox and the Bear, Logan Vath, and Paper Aliens — will bring to life through song the stories of four of our most inspiring program recipients.

As a true testament to the healing power of art and music, our Once More event will showcase the results of these unlikely perfect pairings through an accompanying film series and live performances.

The event will also feature our Instruments of Art auction, as well as a number of other opportunities for you to get involved in TAO’s mission of bringing the arts to those in isolated circumstances who need it most.

Hear the songs. Hear their stories. Saturday, May 23rd. Get your tickets!

our storytellers

  • Billy Mercury

    Billy's 2019 record "The Soulution" was gut punch to the DMV music scene, combining hip-hop and R&B on tracks that're equal parts Stevie Wonder as they are Tribe Called Quest. He'll be lending his undeniable voice to Ms. Lusson's unbelievable story.

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  • Michelle Lusson

    From dating Cat Stevens in the 60s, to a near death experience that forever changed the way she looked at the world, this real life princess is sharing her incredible story with soulster Billy Mercury.

  • Paper Aliens

    This quintet's spacey, soulful, jazz-infused funk-rock sound sets them apart in the local music community. Led by the soaring vocals of singer Jarvis Griffin and tasteful guitar licks of Nate Levine, Paper Aliens will be putting Ms. Chacon's life to song.

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  • Carmen Chacon

    30 years ago, Ms. Chacon was told she had only a few weeks to live. But just as she had as a frightened Puerto Rican girl fresh off the boat and alone in New York City — she defied the odds. Paper Aliens tell this story of faith and fearlessness.

  • Logan Vath

    With the Ryan Adams and Jason Isbell comparisons apt in sound and substance, Logan Vath is one of the area's most heart-stinging songwriters. He'll bring that earnestness to telling Ms. Glass' story.

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  • Beatrice Glass

    If she wasn't already, someone should write a book about this survivor's struggles and perseverance. From abuse to absolution, Beatrice Glass shares her triumphs over tragedy with songsmith Logan Vath.

  • Fox and the Bear

    These two award winning, indie-folk sisters are no strangers to storytelling through their contagiously crafted melodies. They'll be bringing some of the magic that made 2019's "We Will Be Alright" a must-listen to the Once More project.

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  • Brenda Perry

    South Norfolk's self-proclaimed Karaoke Queen looks back on her 74 years as a mother and grandmother as she opens up to sister songwriters Fox and the Bear.

instruments of art

Don’t miss our Instruments of Art auction during the Once More event on Saturday, May 23rd. Come bid on the gorgeous, one-of-a-kind works of local artists like Carol Beeler, Eric Worden, Constance Fahey, Amanda Wallace and others who’ve used instruments as their creative canvas.

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